The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 100

Chapter 100: This Is The Present That You Prepared For Xijiu?

Gu Xijiu flicked her hair and smiled, "Of course I am fine. I am a lucky person, and I believe God is blessing me to be safe at critical times. Aunty, do you agree with me?"

Leng Xiangyu remained silent. She was angry, but there was nothing that she could do. Gu Xijiu was innocent. She could only agree, "Yes Yes Xijiu is a lucky kid"

However, Gu Tianchao had some doubts. He felt that the fall was a bit intentional. He had tried his best to catch Gu Xijiu. However, she managed to dodge him, and he did not even touch a single strand of her hair. Was that all by chance?

While having these thoughts in his mind, he grabbed Gu Xijius wrist and said, "Xijiu, I am sorry. Let me see if you are injured."

It looked like he was checking her injury but he was secretly analyzing her spiritual power. He then put her wrist down. Gu Xijiu had a weak physique, and there was no spiritual power in her.

Gu Xijiu looked at her and smiled, "Second Young Master, did you manage to figure out anything?"

"Nothing. Xijiu is blessed that there is no injury." Gu Tianchao responded.

Leng Xiangyu endured the pain and went back to her bedroom to change her clothes.

Gu Xietian wanted to put everything behind him, so he said, "Luckily everything is fine. Since Tianchao is back, we should have a family gathering. Xijiu, you must join us. In the past you, were thrilled when your brother came back home, right? Tianchao also prepared a present for you. He has always cared about you. Tianchao, what did you buy for your sister? Quickly take it out for her."

Gu Tianchao paused, "I"

"Why? Quickly take it out." Gu Xietian repeated himself.

There was a storage bag in Gu Tianchao's sleeve. It was not big, but it could store many things. All the presents he brought back were taken from this storage bag. Gu Tianchao could not reject and had to take out the present he prepared for Gu Xijiu.

A silver hairpin.

It was an ordinary silver hairpin that looked poorly made. It was patternless and could be found at any ordinary market for two dollars. Almost every woman in the Feixing Kingdom had this kind of hairpin.

Gu Xietians face showed that he was disappointed.

"This is the present that you prepared for Xijiu? Our servants have better quality hairpins!" Gu Xietian always thought that his son had treated Xijiu very well, but now the truth was out.

Gu Tianchao secretly cursed in his heart, "Why do people even care about this ugly girl?"

Every present that he gave her was like a big blessing for her, and she was always grateful for it. So, even if he prepared her a useless present, it was considered a blessing to her already.

He had thought that this silver hairpin was enough to let this girl thank him gratefully, but he never expected that everything had changed this time.