The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1005

Chapter 1005: This Little Fella Was Arrogant

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The treatment lasted for about six hours, and both Gu Xijiu and Long Siye had not drunk a single drop of water or ate any food in the last six hours. However, Ying Yannuo had been going in and out of the house several times. Apparently, he went out to pee or just wandered around nearby. At that moment, everyone's attention was on Rong Jialuo. Hence, no one bothered to pay any attention to him.

The hotel was under the protection of Tianwen clan. Hence, no one would kidnap him even if he wandered off. Rong Che gave some reminders to him when he first wandered off. Eventually, he did not pay much attention as well.

In fact, Rong Jialuo was not completely dead but instead was being controlled by the venom. His spiritual power slowly recovered, and the dark pigments on his face slowly faded away as the venom was being cleared bit by bit from his body system. His heartbeat and breathing were also slowly recovering...

Hei Hu immediately let out his tears and cried silently on the