The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1012

Chapter 1012: The Hypothesis Was Completely Impossible!

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Di Fuyi looked at her, "I remembered you saying that you didn't care about being together forever, but you just didn't want to regret? And you're fine even if the love only lasted for a day as long as both parties are happy? I guess Wang Baochuan and Xue Pinggui loved each other when they were young, right? Then they should be quite happy and shouldn't have any regret. Being apart for 18 years is better than knowing that he passed away in another country"

Gu Xijiu had no idea why he could not let go of the two of them. Hence she laughed, "The reason I said he was a jerk is not that he had abandoned his wife for 18 years. It's because he didn't show up earlier even though he could, and the worst thing was the fact that he married a mistress"

"What if Xue Pinggui didn't marry a mistress and loved Wang Baochuan wholeheartedly, instead of lying and moving far away from home?"

"Then that's not considered as being a jerk" Gu Xijiu simply answered.

"Wouldn't Wang Baochuan fe