The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1014

Chapter 1014: Worried About The Crown Prince

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Rong Jialuo's physique was relatively good as he could finally sit up and talk slowly after a night's rest and having some food. Perhaps, his brain was partially damaged. Hence, he could not entirely remember everything in the past. Gu Xijiu thought she could get some information from him, but he seemed to have even forgotten how he had gotten injured...

He only remembered things that had happened over the last few days when he had transformed into a zombie and what he told them made Gu Xijiu sweat. They found out that he was conscious during the last few days and he could hear everything around him. However, he had lost control over his body as though his soul had been locked somewhere. He could only witness himself going crazy!

The worst thing was that he could feel the pain when he was injured, and it was even more painful than usual! The pain was enough to make him go crazy. He heard Rong Che had finally brought Long Siye to see him. He overheard Long Siye saying that he wou