The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1017

Chapter 1017: I Didnt Want To See You Suffer

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Rong Jialuo frowned as he leaned against the backrest in the cabin. Since he had recovered, there were many flashes of blurred images across his mind, but he could not recall the memories of them.

Rong Che looked caringly at him and asked, "Brother, how are you feeling?"

Rong Jialuo shook his head slightly, "I'm fine."

Rong Che sighed, "Luckily Miss Gu was there. Otherwise, you would have died."

Rong Jialuo sighed, "Yes, luckily she was there. She's our lucky star. Otherwise, I can't even imagine what would have happened...I'll thank her properly in the future." He owed her too much.

Rong Che smiled, "Don't worry brother, I'll help you to thank her in the future as well."

Rong Jialuo was stunned and frowned, "I am only doing my part, why would you"

Rong Che sighed and switched the topic, "Brother, do you hate me?"

Rong Jialuo frowned again, "Hate you? Why? What are you talking about my eighth brother?" Rong Che had always been a competent assistant to him.