The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1020

Chapter 1020: If You Want To Kill Me, Just Do It

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"Don't call me your brother! I don't have a brother like you! If you want to kill me, just do it! I will never commit suicide!"

Rong Che was still laughing, but there was sadness in his eyes, "I know you will not do it, so let's wait for a while"

He then took out a bamboo flute and played it. What was he waiting for exactly?

Rong Jialuo did not think that Rong Che would let him go after he had confessed his sins. However, there were only both of them in the cabin. If he did not want to do it, who else would?

Rong Jialuo got his answer very soon. He heard Hei Hu shouting from outside the cabin, "Venomous eagles! Gosh! There are so many of them."

The cabin suddenly shook a little. Apparently, it was because Hei Hu had desperately maneuvered the carriage to the side to avoid the venomous eagles.

Rong Jialuo had lost his strength. After the carriage had shaken, he fell onto the floor and was then held down by Rong Che The venomous eagle was a kind of vicious bird. It