The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1021

Chapter 1021: Act According To The Plan

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It was the primitive forest. There were not only fierce and wild beasts in this forest but also a surging river. The location where Rong Jialuo had fallen should be nearby the river. If he was dead, his body was likely to have been swept away by the river or eaten by the wild beasts in the vicinity.

Hei Hu separated from Rong Che so that they could cover more ground. Whoever found Rong Jialuo first would light a firework as a signal

They had searched for an entire day, but they still could not find him.

Even though flying lions had very sensitive noses which were comparable to a hound, Rong Che flying lion could not find Rong Jialuo.

Rong Jialuo was missing! However, it was impossible for him to be alive after he had fallen into the primitive jungle. Hei Hu was about to commit suicide, but fortunately, he was stopped by Rong Che. Rong Che did not look good too, "Brother Crown Prince is most likely dead. We need to report this incident to Father Emperor soon. I have sent a si