The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1024

Chapter 1024: Is He The Person Behind The Scene?

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She spoke after pondering for a moment, "Rong Che had sealed the majority of Rong Jialuo's abilities, right? With his capability, he should have also cast a soundproof wizardry barrier Besides, if he had poisoned Rong Jialuo, does that mean that he has secretly been dealing with Long Fan?"

Di Fuyi was pleased, "You're quite smart. I suppose he is. There must be a relationship between Rong Che and Long Fan. If Rong Che wanted to seize the throne, he might have cooperated with Long Fan."

Gu Xijiu thought for a long while, "Since when did he start to cooperate with Long Fan?"

Di Fuyi knocked his fist on the desk, "It should have started a long time ago. Do you still remember the incident when you had just entered Tianju Hall?"

"Yes." Gu Xijiu answered subconsciously. Suddenly she recalled something, "Do you mean the person behind that incident was him?"

"He was most likely the one who created the mess." Di Fuyi answered.

"Why?" Gu Xijiu was confused, "Why did he do it?