The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1032

Chapter 1032: How Could Emotionally Endure It?

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The Emperor was seriously ill. It was an unbearable pain for a senior to mourn the death of his son. He was heartbroken and enraged. He did not sleep the entire night as not only did he have to comfort the party who supported Rong Chu, but he also had to oversee the investigation regarding the matter. The entire palace was in a great turmoil.

The whole scenario was as what Rong Che had predicted. He was relieved. He had emplaced quite a lot of secret guardians within the palace, who regularly reported back to him with news regarding the situation in the palace. None of the news involved Rong Jialuo.

The news set his mind at ease, albeit just a little. However, there was still uneasiness in his heart as he was worried that Rong Jialuo was still alive and would later make his way back to the palace. Therefore, he had to improve his dispositions, so that he could inherit the throne as soon as possible.

Certainly, he had sent his troops to block all the routes to enter the city, t