The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1035

Chapter 1035: Do You Feel Sorry For Him?

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Gu Xijiu was impressed with Rong Che's acting skills. He was indeed the best actor she had seen. He was crying as he reported the incident. It seemed like he was trying to stay composed, yet he could not help but to shed some tears a couple of times. The tears ran down his face from the corner of his eyes.

Seeing him in such an emotional state, no one would ever doubt the brotherhood that he had with Rong Jialuo and suspected that he was, in fact, the murderer behind Rong Jialuo's death.

If Gu Xijiu had not known about the truth from the recordings, she would not have believed that Rong Che was the murderer who had plotted the entire incident.

Both of the princes who had the highest chances of succeeding the throne were dead. The Emperor was ailing and was old enough to have one foot set in the grave. After encountering several waves of shocking news, the officials started to argue about the position of a new crown prince.

Rong Che had been on the same side as Rong Jialuo,