The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1037

Chapter 1037: His Acts Are Detestable!

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Hei Hu was dumbfounded at the sight of his master. He recovered from his surprise as heard what Rong Che had said. He hesitated a little, "Master, the Eighth Prince and I have been trying to locate you."

Rong Jialuo refused to pay attention to Rong Che any further and proceeded to bow before the Emperor. Tears were coursing down from both of the Emperor's aging eyes. He then instructed Rong Jialuo to come forward. He had finally recovered one of his sons that he thought he had lost. He hastened to acknowledge the presence of his son repeatedly with utter joy, "I am glad that you are back! I am glad that you are back! I knew that God would always bless a good man and that The Lord would keep you out of harm's way. How did you survive the fall?"

"I was fortunate enough to be rescued by the four messengers. Father, I will explain further to you later."

Rong Chu's followers had finally absorbed the situation and started questioning the cause of Rong Chu's death again. They kept re