The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1038

Chapter 1038: You Are Well Prepared

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"Your Majesty, their origins are unclear. I am afraid that they could be a cult. You have to arrest them and conduct a strict interrogation!"

Nobody reacted to him.

The officials were filled with righteous indignation as they started to excoriate him. Some of the generals were beginning to take the matter seriously and were ready to seize him.

Rong Che looked down. He seemed composed and calm given the circumstances he was facing. He ignored the rising clamor from the people and fixated his gaze on the four messengers instead. Smilingly, he said, "It seems like what people say about The Lord refusing to get involved in the politics of the present-day kingdoms is untrue."

Calmly, Messenger Jiangshan responded, "The Lord will not get himself involved in political matters. If this were only about the intrigue between the princes for the succession of the throne, The Lord would have stayed away from the matter. However, this time he will not let you go! You have poisoned the Em