The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1040

Chapter 1040: The Person Would Be His True Opponent

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All the onlookers were filled with both apprehension and satisfaction at the same time and felt that it was worthwhile to stick around and watch what was happening.

It was indeed an inescapable trap. It seemed like it was impossible for Rong Che to escape from this situation even with his excellent capabilities.

All of them had faith in the trap. They locked their attention on Rong Che, and some of them had even gathered up the courage to question him, "Who are you exactly?"

Some of the voices resonated, "There is no need to question him now. We shall interrogate him further after we have seized him."

Rong Che let out a deep sigh. Smilingly, he said, "Great! I never expected The Lord to send so many people here! However, I am afraid that you will not be able to catch me!" He then dropped to the ground.

Di Fuyi's expression changed, "Oh, no!"

A circle of light beam surrounded Rong Che's body followed by the sound of a dull explosive sound. Countless drops of blood spl