The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1041

Chapter 1041: What Is Wrong? Are You Afraid?

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He then opened another jade tablet and contacted Mu Feng. Mu Feng immediately executed his order right after they had finished talking.

There was a noise that came from the basilica on the jade tablet, "Your Majesty! Your Majesty"

"His Majesty has passed away!"

"Your Majesty!"

Apparently, Emperor Xuan had finally passed away, and there was sudden chaos in the basilica. None of them had noticed when the four messengers and the heaven's gift disciple had left the palace.

When everyone remembered about them, they were already long gone.

Everyone quickly knelt and thanked The Lord after looking at each other. Apparently, Di Fuyi was not keen to know anything else about the people in the basilica. Thus, he put away his jade tablet and realized Gu Xijiu was pondering deeply, "Are you worried about Rong Jialuo?"

Gu Xijiu shook her head slowly, "Don't worry about him as he is a capable person. Leave the rest to him."

Di Fuyi smiled, "If he can't even handle such small ma