The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1047

Chapter 1047: Battle
Long Siye threw the ox into the stream, and he stealthily waited at the side.The two-legged ox was a favorite dish which the Silver Fairy Beast could not resist. Thus, there was a huge splatter on the surface of the water, and a shiny silver head appeared as soon as the ox was thrown into the stream. The Two-legged Ox was frightened and quickly swam towards the shore.The beast opened its mouth which was full of fangs, and a whirlpool was formed in the water. The ox fell into the whirlpool helplessly!Right at the moment when the Silver Fairy Beast almost swallowed the ox, Long Siye appeared and launched an attack. A glowing green rope immediately hooked onto the ox, and it was then pulled out from the whirlpool.The Silver Fairy Beast was extremely enraged as someone had stolen its food! It immediately jumped onto the shore.Gu Xijiu was standing on a tree which was slightly further away. Although it was a distance away, she could finally see the actual appearance of the beast as she had a pair of sharp eyes.It looked like a combination of a cow and a dragon, but its body was shaped like an elephant! It was actually significantly bigger than an elephant. Its tail looked like a long cane, and its entire body was silvery. The beast was shining as the sunlight shone onto its body.The beast was ferocious, and the temperature of the surroundings immediately dropped as soon as it came out from the water. Meanwhile, the water particles in the air were immediately condensed, and suddenly the surrounding area turned foggy. In the blink of an eye, the fog had become as thick as silk. Although Gu Xijiu was further away, she could feel the tension building up in her and found herself having difficulties in breathing.Subconsciously, Gu Xijiu looked at Ye Hongfeng who was standing on a tree not far away from her. As she had expected, Ye Hongfeng's face had turned red and rather pale, and she could not stand properly anymore.Apparently, her spiritual power was too weak, and she could not stand the intense pressure. It looked like she was planning to move further away using her Qing Gong but was unable to do so. In a short period, she almost vomited blood.Ye Hongfeng was someone Long Siye cared about, so she could not let her die. Thus, she carried her and teleported about two kilometers away.The air here was less intense. Ye Hongfeng could finally gasp for air and was able to stand properly on the big tree. Luckily, the fog was not spreading towards them, but rather it was moving towards another direction.Apparently, Long Siye had used the ox as bait to lure the Silver Fairy Beast away from the deep stream before he attacked it to prevent it from summoning its buddies.It was difficult enough to handle one beast. Everyone should just run and escape if there were ever two or more of them.The Silver Fairy Beast was as ferocious as a dragon, and they had no natural enemies. They did not know what fear was. Hence, they often chased after delicious food. Therefore, Long Siye could easily lure it to a big space.Gu Xijiu was relieved. So far their plan was going smoothly. The reason why they had prepared two oxes was in case they ever needed a second attempt if suddenly two Silver Fairy Beast had shown up. They would run away first and then go back to try again later.They were lucky enough this time as it was what they had wanted right from the start as only one beast came out from the water.The location where Long Siye fought with the Silver Fairy Beast was slightly further away from where Gu Xijiu was located. Gu Xijiu told Ye Hongfeng to wait while she went back to see if she could help Long Siye in any way. Ye Hongfeng was quite obedient, and she nodded in agreement.Gu Xijiu immediately teleported somewhere nearer to the battlefield and realized that the fog was like a pot of boiling water as it was rolling in the air while a series of fighting noise could be heard.