The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1048

Chapter 1048: It Was Drooling!

Gu Xijiu immediately teleported somewhere nearer to the battlefield and realized the fog was like a pot of boiling water as it was rolling in the air while a series of fighting noise could be heard. It was too foggy, and Gu Xijiu only managed to see a blurry scene after trying her best to see what was going on. She only saw Long Siye moving around to attack the Silver Fairy Beast as though he was a character in an online game and launched a few powerful attacks after glaring at the beast.

The Silver Fairy Beast was an aquatic animal. It was capable of spurting out very long ice bars, and wherever the bar touched, there would be a frozen puddle stuck to it. Besides that, the surrounding temperature had gradually declined. Most of the plants around the area were resistant to the cold such as the pine trees which were still green. However, everywhere around the battlefield had turned white and snowy and everything around was frozen into ice sculptures. The surrounding felt as though it was the coldest day in winter when the wind blew. It could kill someone as it was even colder than the south pole.

Gu Xijiu had only moved slightly closer when she immediately felt that her limbs were cold and her blood flow had slowed down. Meanwhile, there seemed to be some icy needles in the air as she felt that her nasal cavity was in pain whenever she took a breath.

She was worried about Long Siye who was fighting on the battlefield with the beast; he must be suffering even more! She could not believe that the beast was so powerful!

"Master! Congratulations! This is no ordinary Silver Fairy Beast; it's the king of Silver Fairy Beasts! Fighting one of them is like fighting two ordinary Silver Fairy Beast!" The Firmament Stone said.

Gu Xijiu was speechless. What that a great catch!? The beast was equal to two normal beasts, but its meat looked the same as the normal ones!

It was no wonder that the rest of the beasts did not follow it as it was the king of the beasts and so no one was brave enough to steal its food.

When they were on their way to the stream, Long Siye told her that he could easily kill a Silver Fairy Beast. Could he handle the king of beasts?

The Firmament Stone spoke again as it seemed to have read Gu Xijiu's mind, "Its muscle is also known as the Dragon Muscle which could be used in the making of very high-quality medicines or even a cane. It could be made into a Cane of the Spirit which was an amazing wizardry instrument that could take away half of a monster's spirit. Besides that, it could act as an alarm as it would glow and blink red when there was an evil spirit disguised as a normal human among a crowd. The normal Silver Fairy Beast would not possess such a unique muscle."

Gu Xijiu was inspired as she recalled the demon which had escaped...

She wanted the muscle for the cane! At least she could protect herself from the demon!

She continued observing both the human and the beast so that she could determine the beast's strategy. Long Siye and the beast was equally good; no one had gained the upper hand so far.

It was indeed the king as it was pretty smart. It was extremely angry and howled as it could not hurt Long Siye and was constantly being attacked by him instead. There were even several wounds on its silver scales...

It was trying to summon its buddies. Initially, it was supposed to be a long howl. However, it was interrupted by an ox that had dropped from the sky!

The ox slumped on the snowy ground in front of it and quickly ran away like a mad cow.

It was as though a delicious dish had just shown up in front of him, but it had disappeared again! It was drooling and stopped howling as it was worried that its buddies might steal its food!