The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1048

Chapter 1048: It Was Drooling!

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Gu Xijiu immediately teleported somewhere nearer to the battlefield and realized the fog was like a pot of boiling water as it was rolling in the air while a series of fighting noise could be heard. It was too foggy, and Gu Xijiu only managed to see a blurry scene after trying her best to see what was going on. She only saw Long Siye moving around to attack the Silver Fairy Beast as though he was a character in an online game and launched a few powerful attacks after glaring at the beast.

The Silver Fairy Beast was an aquatic animal. It was capable of spurting out very long ice bars, and wherever the bar touched, there would be a frozen puddle stuck to it. Besides that, the surrounding temperature had gradually declined. Most of the plants around the area were resistant to the cold such as the pine trees which were still green. However, everywhere around the battlefield had turned white and snowy and everything around was frozen into ice sculptures. The surrounding felt as tho