The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1049

Chapter 1049: Fought Without Constraints

It would be great if it could enjoy the delicious food alone! Hence, it did not want to share it with its buddies! It could not even be bothered about Long Siye's attack and focused on chasing after the ox instead!

Gu Xijiu was forced to release the ox as it was a critical moment for them. The ox gathered its last bit of energy and ran away as fast as it could!

The king of the Silver Fairy Beasts started chasing after the ox. In fact, it had launched a few ice bars toward the ox. On a usual day, it would have been impossible for the ox to escape and it would have probably been frozen by the ice bars by now and wait to be swallowed.

However, Long Siye was chasing the Silver Fairy Beast from behind, and he would launch a spell to break the ice bars whenever the beast launched its attack. Therefore, it was a race between the beast and the ox.

The ox was a forest animal, and so it would instinctively run towards the jungle once it encountered any danger. An ox, a beast, and a man ran into the jungle one after another, and they were getting further away from the stream now.

It was exactly what Gu Xijiu had hoped for. The Silver Fairy Beast would not be able to run very fast in the jungle, and its howl would not be loud enough to summon its buddies from the stream. In fact, it had a pretty soft voice given the fact that its body was so huge. Once it entered the jungle, even if it continued howling for its buddies, its voice would be overlapped by the roars of other beasts in the jungle.

Gu Xijiu had come up with a great plan and expected that everything would go smoothly. However, there was always a tendency for trouble when you least expected it.

In their case, Ye Hongfeng was the problem as Gu Xijiu could hear her screaming from afar!

Gu Xijiu looked towards the direction following the sound and saw that Ye Hongfeng was standing on the tree somewhere near the Silver Fairy Beast, and the beast was running in her direction. Her power was weak, and she was quite a coward. Hence, she was shaking with fear as she was frightened of the beast. She could not even move and was screaming with her eyes closed.

Apparently, the Silver Fairy Beast liked bullying the weaker ones. It glared at Ye Hongfeng and immediately rushed toward her as it felt that it might as well swallow the tiny human first.

However, Long Siye was way too far from her and could not reach her in such a short time. Gu Xijiu cursed silently and immediately teleported to the big tree. She managed to carry Ye Hongfeng and teleported away right before the beast crashed into the tree!

She barely avoided the fangs of the beast while she was teleporting away, and they would probably have died had she acted one second slower.

However, the wind released by the Silver Fairy Beast was like frozen blades and had torn her clothes... It felt as though she was snatching away the food from the mouth of a tiger as she had risked her life to save someone else.

Of course, Long Siye saw everything. His handsome face turned pale, though it was uncertain as to whether he was worried about Ye Hongfeng or Gu Xijiu. However, he was only stunned for a second and immediately attacked the beast again.

At this moment, they had arrived in the center of the jungle. Long Siye was no longer afraid that it would call for its buddies. Thus, he fought without any constraints! In the blink of an eye, he had managed to beat the beast until it was dizzy.

Gu Xijiu put Ye Hongfeng on another big tree filled with lush leaves. She was quite mad and questioned Ye Hongfeng, "I thought I asked you to wait on the tree in the west? Why did you come to the south?"

Ye Hongfeng shrunk her body and almost cried. "There was a cobra on the tree, so I flew over here out of fear. I didn't know that the Silver Fairy Beast would run over here"