The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1051

Chapter 1051: Are You Hurt? So You Know Its Painful, Huh?

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She could feel the pain flowing through her entire body. Her body trembled, and she fell to the ground. Fortunately, Gu Xijiu had a spiritual power close to level eight. Hence, her body gave a natural response to danger as her muscles tensed and contracted to respond even before her brain could react when the blade penetrated her skin.

Ye Hongfeng had wanted to pierce the knife right through her heart, but Gu Xijiu was lucky as the knife just barely missed her heart by a few inches.

Gu Xijiu applied a strong force to Ye Hongfeng's head which sent her flying towards a big tree nearby. If she were to hit the tree, her head would have cracked open like a smashed watermelon!

A white shadow flashed across in midair and grabbed Ye Hongfeng. She immediately fell into his arms and landed on the ground.

"Brother Long Xi, we made it! I've got her blood right from her heart!" Ye Hongfeng cheered in his arms and then hugged his neck.

Gu Xijiu could barely stand in