The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1053

Chapter 1053: No One Could Bear The Pain

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She was scared as she crawled towards Long Siye and tugged his sleeve. Long Siye pulled his sleeve away and avoided her hand. He continued to pull out a red muscle fiber from the dead beast...

Ye Hongfeng could not bear the pain. "Brother Long Xi, could you please help me help me first"

Long Siye did not look at her as no one could disturb him while he was focused on something. After 15 minutes, he had finally pulled out a complete muscle fiber which looked like a glowing red cane. Finally, he gazed at Ye Hongfeng, and his voice was gentle. "Are you hurt?"

Ye Hongfeng felt scared. Although Long Siye looked normal, his eyes were as red as blood, and he seemed extremely ruthless now.

"Brother Long Xi?"

Long Siye looked at her with a pair of evil eyes as though he was thinking about something cruel.

Ye Hongfeng tried very hard to focus and continued calling him, "Brother Long Xi Brother Long Xi!"

Long Siye looked at her as he slowly squatted