The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1054

Chapter 1054: Good Boy, Youre Tired

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The cane was strange as it did not leave a single mark on her body but it made her suffer a lot of pain. She hoped that she had never come to this world.

Ye Hongfeng felt that her soul was breaking into pieces. Her lips were trembling, but she could not speak due to the severity of the pain. She finally sensed fear as she looked at Long Siye's red eyes. She would die if it continued and her soul would disappear!

Somewhere nearby, a shadow flashed and appeared on a big tree. The person was wearing a white cloak with a hood. He did not move forward but was mumbling as though he was chanting a spell. Long Siye's body became stiff as he began to lower his hand.

"Just stop, she'll die" The white-cloaked man spoke with a strange voice as though his sound was coming out from a cave.

Long Siye paused and finally stopped moving his hand as he looked at the white-cloaked man. The white-cloak man's face was hidden under his hood, and only his purple eyes could be seen.