The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1055

Chapter 1055: Do You Really Know Her?

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"Don't get involved anymore!" The white-cloak man said with an icy tone, "Long Siye would only destroy your soul if you offended him, but I'll make you wished you were dead if you ruin my plan!"

Ye Hongfeng immediately answered, "Yes!"

The white-cloak man stood there for a while before he asked, "Since you've been with her for a few days, have you familiarized yourself with her temper?"


The white-cloak man nodded. "Great!" He immediately disappeared as soon as he turned around.

Ye Hongfeng was still sweating, and her wrist was extremely painful to the extent that she slumped on the ground and lied down for a long time. She gasped as she closed her eyes and realized that the Great Lord's aura was not as strong as before. Something seemed to have changed. However, she did not dare to make any speculations as she would be punished or tortured even if she was only guessing.

A moment later, she was shocked when she opened her eyes!

She had