The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1056

Chapter 1056: You Should Consider Being The One Sorry For Them

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She faced down so that she could hide all the bitterness and sadness she was feeling at that moment.

Long Siye got up after cleaning her wounds. "Let's go, we should leave." He then raised his hand to call the crane and flew up into the sky.

"Yes, we should go," replied Ye Hongfeng. However, Ye Hongfeng was injured, and her soul had been severely damaged. So, even when the crane was flying very well, she could not balance herself properly on its back. There were many instances where she almost fell from the crane, but luckily Long Siye was able to catch her each time.

He frowned and looked at her. "It's fine if you want to die, but don't hurt your body!" Even such a unique body would splatter into pieces if it fell from the sky!

Ye Hongfeng suggested, "Why don't you hug me?"

Long Siye stared at her with a cold gaze but remained silent. Ye Hongfeng threatened him. "Otherwise, I may fall anytime"

Long Siye was not affected by her threat, but he was