The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1057

Chapter 1057: Xijiu, Dont You Trust Me Anymore?

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The sound made her even more frustrated and angry until she had an urge to kill every single person in the world.

Suddenly, someone appeared in the distance. Gu Xijiu was so angry that she immediately stabbed the person even though she could not see who it was exactly!

The man managed to grab the tip of the sword, and he shouted, "Xijiu!"

His voice was very familiar. Gu Xijiu raised her head, and her eyes opened widely as she saw his appearance.

The man was wearing a loose white robe with light embroidery. It was a spell-like small dragon embroidery. The white robe looked outstanding in the sea of blood as though it was light shining in the dark. It was The Lord! It was The Lord without his mask!

There was not even a single blood stain on his clean face. One of his hands was holding onto Gu Xijiu's sword as he looked into her eyes. "Xijiu! Wake up!"

The blade of her sword had turned bloody after a series of killings. However, the blood slowly fade