The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1059

Chapter 1059: Of Course That Was Di Fuyi!

Every scene that took place before she fell into a coma flashed rapidly across her mind. She recalled Ye Hongfeng stabbing her in the back as Long Siye coldly watched her suffer while she bled out. She recalled the scene where she tried to escape, and the light which had attacked Ye Hongfeng before she fainted. Finally, she appeared at the scene where everyone was killing each other in the sea of blood...

Her body trembled, and Di Fuyi quickly hugged her even tighter than before and whispered, "It's alright, everything is over. I'm here."

Gu Xijiu had always been a sturdy and strong girl. However, she was helplessly in tears now. Suddenly, she struggled a little in his arms as she had recalled something. However, her wounds were still pain, and it hurt as she struggled. The pain felt as though an electric current was being transmitted to every part of her body. She hissed and her forehead was covered with a layer of sweat again.

"Don't move!" Di Fuyi stopped her. "You're severely injured, you have to rest."

Gu Xijiu looked at him with her eyes wide opened. Her watery eyes were as black as black ink. Di Fuyi felt that he should explain to her the reason why they were in that position so that she would not get the wrong idea.

"Xijiu, you were badly injured. There was a certain poison on the blade which could make you suffer an endless nightmare. I helped you to clean your wounds first after bringing you back, but you just wouldn't wake up no matter how many times I tried to wake you. Thus, I can only use this special way to enter your dream and bring you out from the endless nightmare. It was the only way for me to break the nightmare. I didn't"


Did He Want Her To Die Because She Had Failed To Accept His Love?

"It's al alright, I trust you!" Gu Xijiu interrupted him.

Di Fuyi's gaze sparkled, and he smiled. He then helplessly kissed her lips gently. "That's great then." Fortunately, she trusted him. Otherwise, he might not be able to save her even if he managed to enter her dream.

Gu Xijiu paused for a second and slowly spoke, "I'm fine even even if you intentionally did it." She had decided to spend the rest of her life with him. Even though both of them had yet to marry through an official ceremony (there were also not many people who had been informed about their engagement), she knew that she was really in love with him to the extent that she would risk everything for him. She would have willingly had sex with him, not to mention cuddling together naked.

Of course, though she had decided that he would be her one and only, she had no real experience in a relationship. Therefore, her voice was incredibly soft when she said that to him as she was shy.

Di Fuyi was stunned. He was touched and kissed her lips again. "My sweetheart, this is the biggest acknowledgment to me!" Although the scene was amazingly beautiful, she was badly injured and had almost died earlier. Perhaps, the wounds on her body might tear open again if she moved to roughly. Thus, Di Fuyi did not dare to think about it.

Given the fact that the ambiance was lovely and warm, and she was in his arms, he did not dare to allow himself to be reckless. However, it was a great challenge for him as he realized it was difficult for him to control his desires. Thus, for safety purpose, it was better for him to do something.

He flipped out of bed and quickly put on his clothes. It was at this moment that Gu Xijiu realized she was lying in a cave, and surprisingly, it was a crystal cave. There were many crystal pillars in the surrounding area, and a luminous pearl was attached to the top of one of the crystal pillars. The glow from the pearl was reflected by the crystal, which made the cave look like a crystal palace.

Gu Xijiu was lying on a flat crystal rock which resembled a bed. The surface of the crystal rock was covered with a very thick and clean blanket made from wool. Meanwhile, she was covered with a big and soft quilt.

Gu Xijiu finally turned her attention back to Di Fuyi after she had finished exploring the cave. Di Fuyi was only around 160 centimeters when he first arrived at Tianju Hall but now seemed to be taller than 170 centimeters. He was wearing a shiny white robe, and there was an embroidery at the end of the robe.

It looked like he was recovering! Sigh, she would not have brought him to Long Siye if she had known earlier... Gosh! She clenched her fists tightly as she recalled Long Siye! There was hatred in her eyes!

She strongly believed that she had never done anything evil to Long Siye or hurt him in any way other than not being able to respond to his feelings of love. However, he had tricked her into hooking up with Ye Hongfeng! She would have died if Di Fuyi had not managed to save her in time!

Did his love for her develop hatred? Did he want her to die because she had failed to accept his love? She could never accept such an insane logic! She decided not to think about it anymore. She tried moving slightly and took a deep breath as her wounds still hurt.

Di Fuyi held one of her arms as he was sitting beside her. "Be patient, you shouldn't move too much."

Both her back and chest as well as her cardiac muscles were injured. Although Di Fuyi had fed her the best medicine he had, she still needed a few days of good rest to recover.