The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1059

Chapter 1059: Of Course That Was Di Fuyi!

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Every scene that took place before she fell into a coma flashed rapidly across her mind. She recalled Ye Hongfeng stabbing her in the back as Long Siye coldly watched her suffer while she bled out. She recalled the scene where she tried to escape, and the light which had attacked Ye Hongfeng before she fainted. Finally, she appeared at the scene where everyone was killing each other in the sea of blood...

Her body trembled, and Di Fuyi quickly hugged her even tighter than before and whispered, "It's alright, everything is over. I'm here."

Gu Xijiu had always been a sturdy and strong girl. However, she was helplessly in tears now. Suddenly, she struggled a little in his arms as she had recalled something. However, her wounds were still pain, and it hurt as she struggled. The pain felt as though an electric current was being transmitted to every part of her body. She hissed and her forehead was covered with a layer of sweat again.

"Don't move!" Di Fuyi stopped her. "