The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1062

Chapter 1062: He Just Wanted To Distract Her

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The four robbers were highly skilled. The most powerful one had a spiritual power of level six, and the rest were above level five. Hence, they assumed that they could easily defeat the teenager that was in front of them.

Although the battle ended in a short period, it was the robbers who found themselves on the losing end. Di Fuyi was like 'The Flash' as he sprinted around the four robbers and left all of them bruised on the floor.

The four of them laid there in disbelief as they continuously asked Di Fuyi to reveal his true identity. For obvious reasons, Di Fuyi was not keen to talk to them and decided to destroy their Kung Fu before leaving.

Robber A was annoyed. "Are you not even going to ask us who assigned us to come?"

"Would you even bother to tell me!?" Di Fuyi asked in return.

The four robbers suddenly raised their chins like arrogant peacocks. "Of course not! We wouldn't tell you even if you kill us!"

"Then why would I ask? You're all t