The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1063

Chapter 1063: No One Would Dare Claim That They Were Better Than Him

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Although Long Siye generally looked normal, Di Fuyi had sensed something strange earlier. The only problem was that he could not pinpoint what it was... Fortunately, when Di Fuyi's mind was clear, he could get to the bottom of most issues almost instantly.

He recalled Emperor Xuan who was being controlled by a drug, and he suspected thatLong Siye was tricked by that same strategy. He then thought about the Omen. If Long Siye was caught by the Omen and he knew Long Siye was bothered by something, it was easy for him to magnify the problem using drugs or even spells. By that time, he could do anything!

Di Fuyi was getting increasingly agitated the more he thought about it. Thus, he immediately summoned his unicorn and departed to the Silver Fairy Mountain. Little did he know that he would arrive at the right time. Just in time to save Gu Xijiu!

Di Fuyi's spiritual power was only around 20%. He would need it to go to at least 30 to 40% if we wanted to defeat Long Siy