The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1064

Chapter 1064: He Really Wanted To Kill Her!

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Although Gu Xijiu had fallen asleep, Di Fuyi knew her wounds were still painful as he looked at her face. He could not use any aesthetics if he wanted the wounds to recover fully. He could only seal a few of her acupoints so that the nerves around the wounds become less sensitive to reduce pain. However, it was just a slight relief as the pain would still be there for at least one more day.

Di Fuyi could not believe that Long Siye was so ruthless! He really wanted to kill her! Just the thought of it made Di Fuyi clench his fists. He would not let it go without seeking justice for her!

All of a sudden, the jade tablet in his waist glowed. He raised his hand to connect it, and Mu Lei appeared. "My Lord, Long Siye returned to the hotel with Ye Hongfeng and then headed to Tianwen Mountain without leaving any messages. Upon returning to Tianwen Mountain, they went straight into the alchemy lab. There was a wizardry barrier set around the lab. Hence, I could only linger around