The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1066

Chapter 1066: What Was Going On?

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Her face was red, and her forehead was covered with a layer of sweat. Her fingers were trembling, and her mouth was slightly ajar as though she was shouting in fear or anger. Was she having a nightmare again?!

Di Fuyi's heart sank as he grabbed her hand. She was sweating, but her hands were as cold as ice. She was holding his hand so tightly that it even hurt his hand. Di Fuyi quickly checked on her pulse and realized the blood was circulating in her body rather rapidly and that her body temperature had drastically risen as well.

It was as though a particular virus has invaded her body and the antibodies inside her bloodstream were fighting vigorously against the infections! She was having a fever, and was probably 41 degrees Celsius now!

Other than her little hands, every single part of her body was boiling! It was common to have a fever when one getsinjured. However, it was different for Gu Xijiu. Her body was exceptional, and she has almost achieved a level eig