The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 107

Chapter 107: Infighting

Gu Xijiu was patting the bracelet with her fingers to comfort the Firmament Stone. She smiled and repeated, "Although it looks ordinary, I still like it. Its like a gift from God. I just dont feel like taking it off after wearing it."

She continued speaking as she felt that Rong Jialuo still insisted on giving it to her, "I like light colors and am not a fan of complicated designs. The bracelet from Your Highness is amazing, but it doesnt fit my eyes."

Rong Jialuo did not want to force her anymore and kept the bracelet.

Rong Yan felt relieved. He grew up in the royal family and knew that the gemstones on the bracelet were precious. Especially the sapphire which was worth a few hundred thousand dollars!

Gu Xijiu would embarrass her fiance if she accepted the bracelet.

Rong Yan felt that this little girl seemed to still be in love with him. She did not get distracted by the Crown Prince. He felt happy. Since he stepped into the residence together with his brother, he was like a leaf which supported a flower. Everyone only paid attention to the Crown Prince and ignored him.

He was depressed since he arrived, but has finally found his confidence now. He took a glance at Rong Jialuo and took out an emerald from his pocket. He said, "Xijiu, I know you like light colors, but you're still a little girl. It doesn't look nice if you don't have any accessories. I've got this from an auction a few days ago; it suits you. Put it on and show me."

The emerald looked clear and transparent as it lied on his palm.

Gu Tianqing was noticeably very upset!

She liked the emerald very much, and she had even told Rong Yan before. Rong Yan smiled and told her that he would give her a surprise, but now he was giving it to Gu Xijiu!

Gu Tianqing could not do anything about it.


Gu Xijiu looked at the emerald and realized it was a good one which probably cost twenty to thirty thousand dollars. The Twelfth Prince seemed to be willing to spend more on his "fiancee" now.

She smiled and said, "Twelfth Prince, do you want to give it to me?"

Rong Yan nodded and said, "Of course!"

Gu Xijiu sighed and replied, "This is the first time you have given me something so valuable. It seems wrong if I reject it..." Indeed, all the presents he bought earlier were worth nothing.

Rong Yan was delighted and said, "Of course! Im your fiance; you shouldnt reject the gifts I buy for you."

Gu Xijiu took the jade from him and said, "Then, I should thank you!"

Rong Yan was delighted and looked at Rong Jialuo. Rong Jialuo was emotionless.

Rong Yan felt he finally won the battle. He smiled and said, "Xijiu, you used to address me as brother Rong Yan, could you continue doing so? Calling me as a prince sounds so strange"