The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1072

Chapter 1072: The Lord Began To Attack Irrationally!

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She quickly asked in a soft voice as though she had finally found a savior. "Yannuo, this is too painful for me! Do you have any painkillers?"

The current Yannuo was, in fact, Mu Dian, who had camouflaged himself as Di Fuyi. He had been urgently summoned by Di Fuyi and was forced to turn himself into 'Yannuo' again to fool 'Gu Xijiu'...

Though Di Fuyi had left in a hurry, he had somewhat informed Mu Feng about his plan. Therefore, Mu Feng passed the message to Mu Dian along with a few reminders.

He was distraught as he looked at the fake Gu Xijiu, but remained calm and managed to act like how Yannuo usually behaved. Thus, he spoke gently, "Though you are in pain, it's necessary for your body. Do bear with it, alright?"

Ye Hongfeng was speechless.


The unicorn was the fastest mode of transportation in its era as it could fly a few hundred kilometers in less than 15 minutes.

Even though the formation barrier surrounding Tianwen Mountain w