The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1073

Chapter 1073: How Could They Have Gone Missing?!

Mu Lei's stomach churned after he identified the objects in the bottles! They were different kinds of human internal organs! The alchemy lab was, in fact, a human anatomy laboratory. It was very typical to find these types of laboratories in the modern era, but it was scary and terrifying to the ancient civilization as they had not seen them before!

Mu Lei was too busy to stay shocked at this time. He realized that Long Siye and Ye Hongfeng were not in the lab! The layout of the lab was relatively simple even though the lab was ginormous. However, even though they could see every corner of the room inside the lab, they could not find Long Siye and Ye Hongfeng.

How could they have gone missing?! The lab was a standalone building, and it did not connect to any other buildings. Mu Lei had been watching from the outside this whole time, and he was so focused that he could have even differentiated the gender of the mosquitoes! How was it possible that the two of them had escaped!?

Mu Lei was lingering inside the lab. "This is impossible! How could they have just disappeared?!"

Di Fuyi immediately interrupted him, "There must be a hidden tunnel in the lab. Find it!"

Mu Lei was inspired and quickly focused his attention on finding the hidden door. Finally, they found a secret door on one of the walls of the lab. Indeed, there was a dark tunnel behind the door, but they had no idea where the tube would lead them.

Mu Lei clenched his fists. "Apparently, Overlord Long is a very insecure person as he had built a hidden tunnel even inside his alchemy lab!"

Di Fuyi did not speak and immediately jumped into the tunnel.

The tunnel was rather short. It was only three to four kilometers long. Both of them finally emerged from the tube and realized that they had arrived at a cliff. The exit was literally at the center of a broken cliff, and it was way too far from the sky and also the ground. A lot of weeds and vines grew around the exit. Hence, it was well hidden, and no one would have known of the secret door unless they had gotten very close.

Apparently, Long Siye had escaped from here with Ye Hongfeng's body! The cliff was well hidden, and several mountains surrounded it. Therefore, no one would have spotted them regardless of whether they had escaped on a flying vehicle or by jumping off the cliff.

Long Siye and Ye Hongfeng had entered the lab for more than six hours. This meant that they possibly had a six-hour head start, and could be anywhere in the world by now!

The wind was howling, and Di Fuyi's robe was fluttering in the breeze. He took a deep breath to suppress his emotions.

Di Fuyi knew that even though deep down he was starting to panic, he had to remain calm and quickly come up with a plan. Otherwise, he could lose her forever.

He investigated the tunnel again, and based on his observations; the tube looked like it had been built recently; probably less than half a year ago. However, the person had not done a proper job of developing it.

Meanwhile, Long Siye was an organized and fussy person, and so he would have expected everything to be done correctly.

Di Fuyi had gone hunting with Long Siye before and had seen how Long Siye handles firewood. He could chop the different lengths of wood into specific sizes and used it to build a pyramid shape campfire.

If he was the one who had built the tunnel, it would have been a proper tunnel and would not look like the one Di Fuyi was observing right now. The tube in the lab was inconsistently narrow and wide like a dog hole.

When he looked at the prints on the wall, he guessed that it must have been built by someone who was not familiar with wood crafting. The only person who could enter Long Siye's alchemy lab and who was also a lousy practitioner of wood spiritual power was Ye Hongfeng!