The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1075

Chapter 1075: Apparently He Had Been Overthinking!

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Thick smoky clouds surrounded the entire mountain due to the frequent eruptions of the volcano. People who got close would find it difficult to breathe and wouldbe choked by the clouds of smoke surrounding the area.

Di Fuyi immediately landed in the valley which was engulfed by the clouds of smoke. The smoke was thicker than fog, and so he could not see anything.

Di Fuyi was wearing a light grey robe with a few dark cloud embroideries. It was a unique costume designed for the leader of the secret agency. There was only one of its kind in the entire world, and the robe was resistant to water and fire as it was made from an extraordinary material which could not be copied by any other cloth. All the secret agents would definitely recognize the robe. Hence, a secret agent came forward and knelt in front of him as soon as he had landed.


The secret agent had stumbled upon a female corpse somewhere near to the spot where Long Siye had landed. Di Fuyi did not