The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1076

Chapter 1076: Where Are You?

The stars in the sky that represented Gu Xijiu and Long Siye looked dim, but they had not fallen yet which meant that they were still alive and their souls were safe. Where could they be?

Which identity was she using? Was she suffering or being abused in any way? What would Long Fan do to her? Countless worried thoughts popped into Di Fuyi's head which caused his heart to fumble. It was the first time he was experiencing the feeling of worrying about someone. He had not slept in three days!

It was also the first time Mu Feng was seeing his master lose weight and carry a weak outlook.He tried to convince Di Fuyi to meditate and only continue the investigation when he has recovered. Di Fuyi understood Mu Feng's concern for him, but he had too many worries and could not calm himself down.

Humans were unbeatable when they had nothing to be worried about. He was a god and could do almost anything when he had no worries. He could rationally launch a counter-attack even if he was facing a very dangerous situation and no one could compete with him.However, he had Gu Xijiu to worry about now. She had become his weakness, something which no one should know about. Unfortunately, someone had caught onto his weakness now!

He thought that he could easily locate her through the love bracelet and save her if she were ever in danger. However, it was now her soul that was missing! He could not find her even after he had dispatched all of his secret agents!

He took a breath and told himself that he must tag her soul once he found her so that he could always find her regardless of which body she was possessing! He could not wait for her to turn 18!

Di Fuyi waited another day, and he finally made a decision which shocked Mu Feng. "Tell Mu Dian to reveal the fact that Yannuo is, in fact, Di Fuyi to Ye Hongfeng!"

Mu Feng almost fell when he heard that. "My Lord, you're not fully recovered. The Omen would aggressively attack you if he ever discovered your weakness!" It was The Lord's biggest secret, and he would most certainly face countless problems once his secret was revealed!

Di Fuyi clenched his fists and casually replied, "Let him come!"

Since he could not find the Omen, he could only make himself the bait!

Mu Feng was speechless.

Gu Xijiu, where are you!? Do you know that The Lord has given himself up just to find you?


Gu Xijiu realized that she was in a coffin when she woke up.

A crystal coffin to be exact.

There was a solution in the crystal coffin, and she was floating up and down around a bubble. On top of the bubble, there were several tubes connected to the containers outside the crystal coffin.

Gu Xijiu idled for a moment and realized she was like a fetus inside a womb. The bubble represented the amniotic sac, and the tube was like the umbilical cord which connected the fetus to the mother's body. Of course, the coffin was the womb.

The only difference between her and other babies was the fact that they were all naked when they were in the womb, yet she was dressed in a crystal coffin!

She was wearing a long dress which was made from an unknown material. It was very soft and smooth and was gently stuck to her skin so that she felt secure.

At first, she only opened her eyes slightly, revealing only a very small gap between her eyelids. It was only when she was sure that there was no one around that she opened her eyes completely. Her gaze wandered around the place, and she finally realized that she was in a science lab.

She noticed that there were a few special machines which were unfamiliar to her in her surroundings.She narrowed her eyes as she recalled part of the conversation that she had heard before she was fully awake.

"Do we consider this a success? When would she finally be awake?"