The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1077

Chapter 1077: Who Is Your Leader!?

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"It would take about one more day as her soul was still injured and needed to rest inside her new body."

"Would she lose all of her memory?"

"No, I've added some special drugs to the solution. Gu Xijiu would forget everything in this lifetime and only remember things from her previous life."


The voices were quite soft when she heard it. It felt as though she was listening to their conversation in a foggy place as everything felt blurry. She was not sure whether it was real or just a dream.

Even though she was still unsure if it was real, she certainly had a dream, and inside her dream, she saw many horses running with blood splashing everywhere. However, it was peaceful when she woke up and now she was looking at the luminous pearls located on the ceiling at the four corners of the room.

The pearls did not look like ordinary luminous pearl but instead looked as bright as a lightbulb. There were a total of six 'luminous pearls' shining