The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1079

Chapter 1079: I'll Never Hurt You

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Her hair kept blowing into her face as she talked. She was annoyed and tore a small part of her dress to be used as a ribbon to tie a ponytail.

She was charming and looked as modern as how she used to look in her previous life. Apparently, her memory had stopped the moment she died on the operation table.

In fact, Long Fan was observing her in the other room outside the lab.

The 'luminous pearl' on the ceiling was, in fact, a CCTV and it could be controlled by using one's spiritual power. It was installed to monitor every single movement inside the crystal coffin including her facial expression.

He knew that she was a very experienced assassin and was also pretty good at acting. However, she did not seem to be acting when she first woke up as her reactions looked normal.

Of course, he still decided to send a mute slave to test her for his safety to determine what kind of Kung Fu she would use when she was in danger. She was only using the Kung Fu she h