The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1084

Chapter 1084: Test (2)

"Did you get a shock?" The Great Lord turned around to check on her. His evil eyes were smiling as he continued, "I almost ended up hurting you, are you alright?"

Gu Xijiu pursed her lips. "I'm fine!" She sounded numb. Apparently, she was frightened and upset.

The Great Lord sighed. "That's great then. Shall we make a move and discuss our project?"

Gu Xijiu smiled. "I think that I should not get too involved with you, oh Great Lord, especially since you are so powerful." She then left without looking back.

The Great Lord was stunned and did not speak a word. It was the first time he was given the cold shoulder. He was still in shock as he watched her leave.

He understood that even though she had lost her memories, her intelligence was still there. She must have found out that he was playing a trick behind her back. Hence, it was normal for her to be upset.

"My Great Lord, this little girl is too much! You should teach her a lesson!" One of the disciples came forward and suggested with the intention of pleasing him.

The Great Lord glanced at him and smiled. His appearance was gentle but evil. Not only did he look polite, but he was also very nice to his subordinates as well.

In fact, the disciple was working under Long Fan. Hence, it was difficult for him to see The Great Lord and he was not familiar with his likes and dislikes as well. Therefore, he had the guts to speak his mind.

The Great Lord had very handsome features, and he looked charming when he smiled. The disciple was a pervert and was stunned by just looking at him. "My Great Lord."

The Great Lord casually said, "Do you think you should open your mouth?" His voice was very gentle, but it was as cold as ice.

The disciple was stunned and saw The Great Lord flick his sleeve before he could even utter a reply. It was as gentle as the breeze in the spring, and and the two disciples who were fighting the two monsters turned into a puddle of water...

The rest of the disciples that were at the square immediately stopped whispering, and they did not even dare to take a deep breath.

The Great Lord rarely went to the square, and even if he did decide to go to the square, he would go wearing a white hood and a white cloak. No one would be able to see his figure or even his appearance, and he had never stayed at the place for such a long time before. Therefore, most of the disciples were more familiar with Long Fan as compared to him.

They respected Long Fan but were also scared of him at the same time. On the other hand, they felt rather distant from The Great Lord. This time around, the Great Lord had stayed for two days, and he did not seem to have any intentions of leaving. The strange thing was that he had even revealed his appearance this time!

If it were not Long Fan who had addressed him respectfully as 'Great Lord', they would not have known that this gentleman was, in fact, their master!

They were very scared of him now that they had figured out who he was! His Kung Fu was so scary, so they felt that it was best for them to stay away...


Who the h*ll was this Great Lord?

Gu Xijiu could not help but wonder.

His body was completely hollow. Was he a soul?

He must be a mighty person...

Gu Xijiu was housed in a girlish room. She was amazed as she never imagined a room could be decorated as lovely as this even though it had been built underground. The room had been designed according to her favorite style in the old days.

It was similar to the design of the room she stayed in when she was in Tianju Hall, and even the color of the furniture was almost the same as her previous room.

Long Fan asked as he brought her into the room. "Do you like it?"