The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1085

Chapter 1085: Test (3)

Gu Xijiu walked around the room and nodded. "Thanks, Elder Long."

Long Fan did not find anything strange with her expressions. They were rather normal. 

Long Fan glimpsed at her. "You should address me as 'father'."

Gu Xijiu was stunned and said in a serious tone, "I'm sorry, I can't do that."

Long Fan was speechless.

Someone laughed softly from the outside before he could reply to her. "Elder Long, what am I supposed to address you in the future if she calls you as 'father'?"

The door was opened, and The Great Lord walked into the room.

Apparently, there was a hidden meaning behind his question. Gu Xijiu frowned, and Long Fan's expression immediately changed. "My Great Lord…"

The Great Lord pressed his palm on Long Fan's shoulder. "Alright, even though you made her body, she is not considered as your daughter as you did not create her soul."

Long Fan was scared of him. Hence, he did not speak anymore.

The Great Lord tapped on his shoulder again. "Long Fan, aren't you supposed to be busy?"

"Yes." Long Fan turned around and left.

Since Long Fan left, only Gu Xijiu and The Great Lord were left in the room. He looked at Gu Xijiu for a while but did not speak.

It was too quiet in the room, which made Gu Xijiu purse her lips as she felt stressed.

She yawned and asked, "My Great Lord, is there anything else?"

The Great Lord was stunned and took out a paper fan from nowhere. He asked as he smiled. "Xijiu, are you trying to kick me out?"

It was the typical gestures of the Eighth Prince, Rong Che. Although his appearance had changed, his posture and gestures were still the same. He was as elegant and gentle as a peaceful lake, but no one knew how deep the lake was.

Though he was gentle and polite, he was also as smart and cunning as a fox. However, he was no longer an ordinary fox and had evolved into a nine-tailed-fox as every single one of his gestures carried an evil aura.

Rong Che was the first prince who had treated her nicely when she first arrived in this era from the modern world. He had helped her several times, and he treated her well even though it may only have been part of his plan. Gu Xijiu took him as her best friends back in the old days.

However, in less than two years, everything had changed. Rong Che's body had exploded, and The Great Lord had regained his original appearance.

The Great Lord had been disguising himself as Rong Che ever since he was eight years old. Hence, Rong Che was the identity Gu Xijiu had known in the first place.

She never expected that he was the main culprit behind so many incidents. Indeed, he was good at hiding himself! However, Di Fuyi had a sharp eye as he already knew something was wrong with him, but he could not find any evidence.

But now when everything was revealed, she had been caught by these people... Gu Xijiu sighed silently and was careful enough not to show it on her face. She casually said, "I'm tired and want to go to sleep already. I believe that you're busy too, so, I guess I shouldn't disturb you for too long."

Back in the old days, Rong Che was a very observant and understanding person. He had visited Gu Xijiu several times when she was still staying in the General's manor, and usually, he would leave immediately whenever Gu Xijiu claimed that she was tired.

This time was no different as The Great Lord still practiced that good habit. Thus, he smiled. "Alright, have a good rest then. I'll visit you another time." And then he walked out and left.