The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1086

Chapter 1086: Test (4)

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Gu Xijiu scouted around the room. It was her habit as an assassin to check her surroundings thoroughly wherever she went. Thus, she noticed that a micro camera was hidden in the space between the flowers on a giant vase.

She took the micro camera out and squashed it in her palm angrily after letting out a cold laugh. The screen which showed the scene of Gu Xijiu's room was immediately blacked out.

Long Fan took a glimpse and shook his head. He knew that she was smart and careful and so it was impossible for her to overlook the camera.

The Great Lord said as he witnessed what happened. "Long Fan, you were right. Indeed, you are brilliant and aware."

Long Fan said, "I've mentioned before that she was the best assassin in the modern era!"

The Great Lord hit on the work dashboard with his paper fan. "Do you think that she had realized the camera ever since she was awake and had pretended to fool the both of us since the beginning?"

Long Fan paused for