The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1087

Chapter 1087: Test (5)

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When Gu Xijiu woke up, she realized that she wassubmerged in a crystal coffin like a white rat!

Gu Xijiu still had the memories from her childhood, and so she could recognize the lab. It was the mad scientist's lab! She was once submerged in the nutritious solution as well back in her previous life.

She was quick-witted, and so she knew that Long Fan had tricked her and that her soul had been swapped with someone else's!

At the same time, she could sense that she was currently occupying another person's body. Although she wanted to curse Long Fan and his ancestors, she felt that it was better for her to pretend that she knew nothing and hence she decided not to take any further action.

Indeed, she had no idea how many cameras had been installed in the room, but she could sense that she was being watched from every angle of the room and that Long Fan was watching her from a nearby room.

Fortunately, she had heard their conversation while she was still