The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1088

Chapter 1088: Test (6)

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Di Fuyi would certainly find a way to save her if he knew that her soul had been swapped with someone else's, but would he know? Furthermore, there was a possibility that he would not be able to find this place even if he knew someone had taken control of her body! This place was well hidden and who would have expected that there was a palace hidden underground inside a volcano?

Sigh, she could not find a way out, and so she felt hopeless.

Gu Xijiu even thought about committing suicide as she wondered whether her soul would go back to her old body by itself if she were dead.

While she was thinking about it, she suddenly opened her eyes as she sensed that something was strange!

Gosh! Someone was standing in front of her bed!

The man was wearing a moonlight white robe. He had charming facial features and was surrounded by a cold aura.

Long Siye!?

Gu Xijiu immediately sat up with a pair of tightly clenched fists. She narrowed her eyes as though