The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1089

Chapter 1089: It Is Not Her Anymore If She Became Stupid

Gu Xijiu finally laughed with irony. "Do you think that I have such a bad memory? My heart was stolen by you in our past life to save your fiancé. Do you think that I will forget about it and fall in love with you again?"

Long Siye choked. He was stunned for a while and sighed. "I had my reasons for stealing your heart. It was to your benefit…"

Gu Xijiu looked at him like a mad person. "Are you trying to say that you did it because you felt sorry for Ye Hongfeng because she found out that I was your true love and that you stole my heart to compensate her so that you could commit suicide together with me? Do you think that this would be a very earth-shattering story? I thought you would have been more creative and come up with a better story."

She walked around him, and asked, "Do you know what I did when I first saw Long Xi?"

Long Siye said sadly, "Kill him?"

"You got it right. Since you claimed that you are Long Xi, go and die!" She launched her power from her palm, and it shot towards Long Siye.

Of course, Long Siye did not allow her attack to hit him. He dodged and said, "Xijiu, listen to me!"

"There is nothing more to say. If you claim that you are him and you feel sorry for me, let me stab you to release my anger!" Gu Xijiu was fast and continuously attacked Long Siye.

Though she did not have any spiritual power, she was still very good at combat. Coupled with her teleportation technique, she was fast as the wind, and she was able to force Long Siye to step back again and again…

As she was a killer, she showed no mercy when she attacked Long SIye. If Long Siye had been slightly slower, he would have been cut in half by now.

Apparently, Long Siye did not want to fight with her. He opened the door and escaped from the room.


Meanwhile, in the control room, the entire scene was being displayed on a glass screen. When they saw that Long Siye had run away after being attacked by Gu Xijiu, Long Fan stared at the silver-haired Lord. "Master, you can now rest assured. If you continue to test her, I am afraid that her memory of this world might be restored."

The silver-haired Lord said thoughtfully, "But I have this tingling feeling that something is off with her."

Long Fan was not happy. "I'm afraid that in your heart, no one is normal. Last time, you thought that I was strange too."

The silver-haired Lord smiled. "I would not have accepted my men if they were not strange. I am not saying that Gu Xijiu's characteristics are strange. In fact, I like her better this way. However, I find that her reactions are strange. By right, she should have felt like collapsing or would have at least been keen enough to investigate when she found out that she was actually inside a clone's body when she first awoke."

Long Fan said calmly, "This girl has always been calm. I have never seen her collapse before regardless of the situation. She could make the best out of her situation. I think that her reactions were normal."

The silver-haired Lord sighed. "She seems to be way too clever. I honestly think that you should have made her dumber."

Long Fan was speechless. "It would not be her anymore if she became stupid." Suddenly, he recalled something. "How's Wu Wuyan doing? Hasn't Ying Yannuo brought her out yet?"

The silver-haired Lord said coldly, "Wu Wuyan is still not able to fully control her body."