The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1089

Chapter 1089: It Is Not Her Anymore If She Became Stupid

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Gu Xijiu finally laughed with irony. "Do you think that I have such a bad memory? My heart was stolen by you in our past life to save your fianc. Do you think that I will forget about it and fall in love with you again?"

Long Siye choked. He was stunned for a while and sighed. "I had my reasons for stealing your heart. It was to your benefit"

Gu Xijiu looked at him like a mad person. "Are you trying to say that you did it because you felt sorry for Ye Hongfeng because she found out that I was your true love and that you stole my heart to compensate her so that you could commit suicide together with me? Do you think that this would be a very earth-shattering story? I thought you would have been more creative and come up with a better story."

She walked around him, and asked, "Do you know what I did when I first saw Long Xi?"

Long Siye said sadly, "Kill him?"

"You got it right. Since you claimed that you are Long Xi, go and die!" She launched her power