The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1090

Chapter 1090: Use Her As Bait

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The silver-haired Lord said coldly, "Wu Yan is still not able to fully control her body. It has been one day, but she is still very tired when she walks. Ying Yannuo has brought her to a hostel to rest. He serves her very well and provides her with food and drinks. He also said that he had informed Celestial Master Zuo to come and visit her"

Long Fan frowned. "If this is the case, we will not be able to determine where his lair is located."

"So what? He will not be able to find me too! We are both in the same situation. His four messengers have been assigned to look for me. I guess he will show up alone. With the help of Wu Yan, I am sure we can take him down and kill him!" The silver-haired Lord said with a serious face.

"I hope so." Long Fan sighed. "However, I have this feeling that it would not be so simple. Wu Yan might only be able to fool Ying Yannuo. Once she meets Di Fuyi, he will certainly be able to differentiate the real from fake. He might not be trap