The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1095

Chapter 1095: Are You Trying To Force Her?

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Wu Yan had possessed the so-called "Ye Hongfeng" before. She came from a family who dealt with witchcraft, so she was quite good at sorcery. When she was with Long Siye, she had used her spells together with a drug created by Long Fan to control Long Siye.

Mo Zhao gently laughed. "Wu Yan, are you trying to threaten me?"

She paused for a few seconds. "The information I have obtained is essential. It could help you to achieve what you want. However, I would like news about Long Siye in return."

"Wu Yan, how dare you!" Mo Zhao sounded cold.

"My Lord, I am risking my life for this mission. Regardless of whether you succeed or not, I don't think I will come back alive. However, Long Siye is my only concern"

"He's fine! I will keep him alive as promised."

"I want to hear his voice."

"How dare you! Don't you believe me?"

"I believe you. However, my last wish is to hear Long Siye's voice." Wu Yan did not give up.

Mo Zhao was silent for