The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1097

Chapter 1097: Did Not Want To Miss It For The Second Time

Long Siye did not speak. He looked at Mo Zhao as though he was looking at a crazy man.

Mo Zhao finally revealed to him what Mu Yan had shared with him. "Ying Yannuo is Di Fuyi. He had become smaller in size because he lost control when practicing."

Long Siye was stunned!

Mo Zhao looked at Long Siye's pale face with satisfaction. Finally, there was someone who could share his pain with him. He smiled. "I only got to know about it now. However, it is still not too late. I will send my people to retrieve the thing you desire. I will bring Di Fuyi's head back here and show it to you." Then, he turned and walked out from the room.

He had to make arrangements before Di Fuyi recovered. He had missed an excellent opportunity once, so he did not want to miss it for the second time!

When he left the room, he did not realize that a shadow had vanished from the prison at that moment too. Long Siye sat there and was in a daze for quite awhile. He could not help but laugh.

No wonder Gu Xijiu was so close with Ying Yannuo. It was because Ying Yannuo was, in fact, Di Fuyi! No wonder!

Gu Xijiu was good at keeping secrets. She had hidden Di Fuyi's secret from him for such a long time. However, what would he have done if he knew Ying Yannuo was Di Fuyi? Would he kill him while he was trying to heal him? Long Siye had no answer.

During this time, the drug was still inside him and was magnifying his dark side. Coupled with the fact that he was under the control of "Ye Hongfeng," he could not guarantee that he would not have told this to Ye Hongfeng. Once Ye Hongfeng knew about it, the silver-haired Lord would know too.

Ye Hongfeng was indeed talented. She only had to use a small portion of the drug to trigger his dark side. He always thought that he was angry because Gu Xijiu had betrayed him. He never realized that he had been poisoned with a drug that could not be detected until now. Ye Hongfeng would only use her sorcery to control him when she needed him to do something. She used it very cautiously so that he would not notice it.

His actions of conspiring against Gu Xijiu had left a deep wound in his heart even though he had been controlled to do it. The harm had been done when he realized his mistake, and it was too late to regret.

After Long Siye had achieved Mo Zhao's objective, he did not kill him but instead locked him down here. He did not know what Mo Zhao's real plan was.

He moved his body, and the chains made a loud noise. Although he was released from the wall, the spiritual lock had weakened him considerably. He could not even lift himself off the floor or move his limbs. There was nothing he could do.

Mo Zhao left the prison door half opened as Long Siye was bounded firmly by the spiritual lock which weakened him to the extent that he was unable to escape. Mo Zhao was trying to humiliate him by allowing the people who passed to see his embarrassed face.

He was sitting down there pondering to himself when suddenly a shadow appeared in front of him. Long Siye looked up, and his heart pounded in his chest. 

The person who stood in front of him was Gu Xijiu!

She stared at him for a moment which made him feel uncomfortable. Long Siye looked very messy and embarrassed. He generally did not care about how other people saw him, but he cared about how Gu Xijiu thought of him. 

He took a deep breath and asked calmly, "Are you here to kill me?"

Gu Xijiu did not answer. She stared at the spiritual lock which was bounded to him. It was a very scary piece of equipment that was able to bound someone even tighter than handcuffs. The more the person struggled, the tighter it would become. There were sharp needles on the inner part of the cuffs which had already pierced directly into Long Siye's skin.