The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1098

Chapter 1098: Do You Want To Escape?

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The sharp needles had been pierced into his skin and were poking the acupuncture points which caused his spiritual power to be inhibited. Regardless of how powerful a person was, they would not be able to get out of those locks.

She twisted her wrist, and a pair of tweezers appeared on her palm. She squatted down and started helping Long Siye to pick the lock. There was a kind of light fragrance that was emitting from her body. Long Siye stared at her. She looked exactly like how she was in their past life.

He did not know what she was feeling in her heart right now as he lowered his voice and asked, "Did you come to save me? Don't you hate me?" He had expected her to have a lot of hatred towards him.

"Why would I hate you? Gu Xijiu answered calmly, "You are just a failed clone specimen."

Long Siye was baffled. She still did not recognize him. She was feeling sympathetic towards him and so decided to save him.

"Xijiu, I am Long Xi. I have been reincarna