The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1099

Chapter 1099: She Bet On It!

Long Siye's heart was in pain. Whether she had lost her memory or not, she no longer trusted him. Indeed, she had no reason to believe him anymore. 

While Long Siye was healing the wounds on his wrist and ankle, he replied, "It is okay if you don't trust me, but I have an escape plan. Why don't we cooperate with one another?"

Gu Xijiu did not reply but just stared at him.

She did not believe him, but she had just heard the conversation between Long Siye and Mo Zhao. She knew that Long Siye had stabbed her because he had been controlled.

Of course, there was a possibility that he was putting on an act with Mo Zhao to trick her. However, the chance of that was rather low. Even if what they had said was fake, there was one fact that Mo Zhao had discovered. Ying Yannuo was Di Fuyi!

Di Fuyi had not fully recovered yet, and there was even a spy beside him now. Gu Xijiu was undoubtedly worried. At first, she had planned to leave after she had thoroughly explored the palace. However, she could not stay any longer. She had to leave right away!

She had just seen a group of experts leaving in a ship under a direct order from Mo Zhao. Mo Zhao might want to kill Di Fuyi and his people all at once, so he brought quite a lot of people out with him. Almost two-thirds of the masters in the palace went along with him, leaving only one-third of them behind with Long Fan in the underground palace.

It was her only chance to escape. However, it was a bit challenging if she did it alone. Therefore she thought of Long Siye's proposal. Long Siye was not trustable. However, she had no other alternative. Besides, she could not stand seeing him being tortured, which was why she came here to save him…

She did not reveal to him the fact that she had not lost her memory. Therefore even if Long Siye was testing her, she was not vulnerable. The chances of her escaping from here were higher if she cooperated with Long Siye, so she decided to take her bets on trusting him!

Meanwhile, Long Siye had found the best medicine for his wounds inside the secret storage space. After Long Siye had applied the medicine, he said, "Although I am not very familiar with the terrain here, this place was built by Long Fan. I learned from him before, so I have a rough idea of the layout of the palace. There are cameras everywhere in the palace, so we need to destroy them first…" Long Siye started discussing his escape plan with Gu Xijiu. This plan in fact coincided with what Gu Xijiu had initially planned…

The two of them had co-operated with each other many times before in the past, so they understood each other very well. Gu Xijiu had regained her teleportation ability, so she planned to go and visit Long Fan first.

Long Fan was busy with the final stages of preparing the cloned body for Mo Zhao, so he had no time to entertain Gu Xijiu. She secretly stole an access token from his robe while she was chatting with him. This access token was required to take a ride on the strange ship, or else it could not be switched on.

After she came out from Long Fan's research room, she headed to the control room. There were two guards on duty in the control room. As the underground palace was massive, there were many monitor screens on the wall. The two guards were tired from watching the monitor screens, so they were not too strict on their surveillance. They would only occasionally check the screens but were chatting with each other most of the time.

They were not bothered when Gu Xijiu entered the control room. It was because they were used to seeing her stroll around the palace and sometimes entering the control room. Furthermore, she was quite close to the silver-haired Lord and Elder Long. They did not dare to provoke her nor entertain her.

After chatting with her for a while, they proceeded with their duties in the room. Gu Xijiu wandered around the room for a while as she secretly switched a few buttons to 'replay' mode.