The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1100

Chapter 1100: Took Away Their Clothes

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Her actions were very fast to prevent the two guards from noticing it. Her eyes fell on a blind spot in their surveillance. She had stayed in the underground palace for four days now, so she was very familiar with every corner of it. The cameras were monitoring almost every single area in the palace except for one place.

While she was wandering around the underground palace, she noticed a strange building near the center of the palace. It looked like a pyramid with a purple crystal on its roof.

Gu Xijiu had little knowledge regarding energetics, but she could roughly guess that the shape of the pyramid could gather energy while the crystal served as a storage space for the energy. Since this building was at the center of the palace, it should be the primary power source for the entire land.

Pyramids had been typically used to bury Pharaohs, so what was inside thisparticular one? This was the only area that was not being monitored by the control room. The secret th