The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1101

Chapter 1101: The Escape

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Long Siye was very flexible as well, so both of them managed to assume the characteristics of the guards they stole their uniforms fromvery well. People could hardly tell them apart even if they were standing right in front of them.

Long Siye was very thoughtful in his actions. He found a man and a woman who resembled their physical appearances. All he had to do was knock them out and place them in the prison cell and Gu Xijiu's room respectively. He even let Gu Xijiu change their appearances.

The man in the prison cell was made to look like Long Siye. He was handcuffed and made to lean against the wall. He seemed like he was either meditating or contemplating.

When Long Siye was imprisoned, there was hardly anyone who came to visit. In fact, there was hardly anyone there at all. Therefore, no one would even notice the difference.

The woman in Gu Xijiu's room was placed on her bed to appear as though she was deep in her sleep. Thus, no one would disturb her