The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1103

Chapter 1103: The Run (2)

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When Long Fan questioned the guards, the four of them appeared to be dazed and disoriented with incoherent explanations. As Long Fan was an expert in the field of medicine, he could immediately tell that the four of them were poisoned. His heart sank. He rushed into the pyramid building without paying further attention to the guards.

At first sight, it seemed like nothing was wrong. All the hidden mechanisms in place were not triggered. The clone that was lying in the ice coffin seemed perfectly fine as well. However, Long Fan was still not quite at ease. He decided to open the ice coffin to have a look. Then, a sudden realization hit him hard like a blow to the head. The clone had been poisoned!

Despite being in a panicked state, Long Fan quickly tried to suppress his fury. Panicked, he continued to check on the clone and realized that the poison had already spread halfway through the body and it was now going towards the heart. If he were to come in a few minutes later