The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1106

Chapter 1106: As Cunning As A Fox

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Long Fan took a quick look around the cabin and threw the dead body into the lava. He then noticed the broken signal that had been smashedby Gu Xijiu, and the bloodstains left behind. He tried to deduce the time that Gu Xijiu took over the ship based on the stains. Upon further investigation, he even found a piece of paper in the corner of the vessel. It was written with the blood of the crew member saying, 'I will be back'.

Long Fan stared blankly at the piece of paper, unsure whether it was sarcasm or a notification. He found himself to be in an impossible situation which he had taken necessary precautions to prevent. Although he was frustrated, he could not help but feel a little impressed, or proud even, of the young lady. She was indeed his best creation ever! She was not only as cunning as a fox,but also brilliant.

The young lady was delighted after she managed to escape. Hence, she left a note behind for him. Little did she know that Long Fan had installed a loc