The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1106

Chapter 1106: As Cunning As A Fox

Long Fan took a quick look around the cabin and threw the dead body into the lava. He then noticed the broken signal that had been smashed by Gu Xijiu, and the bloodstains left behind. He tried to deduce the time that Gu Xijiu took over the ship based on the stains. Upon further investigation, he even found a piece of paper in the corner of the vessel. It was written with the blood of the crew member saying, 'I will be back'.

Long Fan stared blankly at the piece of paper, unsure whether it was sarcasm or a notification. He found himself to be in an impossible situation which he had taken necessary precautions to prevent. Although he was frustrated, he could not help but feel a little impressed, or proud even, of the young lady. She was indeed his best creation ever! She was not only as cunning as a fox, but also brilliant.

The young lady was delighted after she managed to escape. Hence, she left a note behind for him. Little did she know that Long Fan had installed a locator inside her body. He could easily track her down and bring her back again.

After all, the Great Lord was only gone for a couple of hours. It was fine for the young lady to have some fun for an hour or two. A small grin could be seen on Long Fan's face. He was confident that Gu Xijiu would never be able to run away from him. In fact, he was excited by a sudden thought, as he was eager to see her expression when she saw him arriving out of the blue.

If he caught her while she was already feeling depressed about leaving the hidden laboratory, she would only feel numb or even relieved to get caught finally. If this were the case, the sensation was not very satisfactory. He should give her a timely warning when she was feeling the best about her success, and then deal her a massive blow for her to remember this lesson.

The young lady had ruined many of his plans in the past and made him suffer some significant losses. Although he was fond of her, he also felt that it was necessary to give her a painful lesson for her to have a taste of her own medicine. 

He did not plan to notify the Great Lord to prevent him from being distracted. The Great Lord was involved in a matter of utmost importance regarding the unification of the entire continent. He must not have even the slightest distraction due to the young lady. Moreover, Long Fan was confident that he could capture her again.

He looked down and retrieved something that resembled a compass. He started to track Gu Xijiu's location and saw that the red dot that represented her was flickering erratically. She was obviously teleporting about. At this very moment, she was just about to leave the volcanic territory.

Long Fan did not react but waited patiently. It was unwise to track her while she was still frequently teleporting. He should wait until she felt safe and finally stopped teleporting. It was very physically draining to use the teleportation technique. She would stop when she was exhausted.

Long Fan resembled a cat that was hiding in secret, patiently waiting for its prey to run away and recapture it when it had the highest chance of success.

It was an active volcano, so there was no trace of any inhabitants within its proximity for about a hundred miles. He was not worried that Gu Xijiu would be able to get anyone to help her. First of all, she had no communication tools with her, and thus, she would not be able to make any contact with anyone. Secondly, she had lost her memory of her present life. Logically speaking, she would not be able to recall Di Fuyi or any of her friends. She would have no one to turn to unless she was only acting all this while.

The only possible person who could reveal her true identity must be Long Siye. After all, he was the Overlord of the Tian Wen clan. The first thing that he would do when he finally escaped must be to find ways to get in touch with his followers. He would probably find ways to tell Di Fuyi about it as well. However, he had just set up a trap for Gu Xijiu and caused her to be severely injured. Di Fuyi must be desperate to kill him, why would he believe in what Long Siye had to say?

According to the news from the Great Lord, Di Fuyi was currently located in a bustling city about a thousand miles away. Two of his followers had been sent to look for the traces of the cult.